Roderick Roberts

Protector of Summer, knight of the old code


I was born and raised to protect the daughters of my God and the order there-in. Buttercup Summerhaven (Summer) was my sister in every way but birth. I loved her more than anything. Her honour was mine to protect. When the Order sent her on a quest for some medallion, there was no question of whether or not I would go with her. I was born to protect my lady Summer. Summer was an innocent of the world, there was no way I was going to let her venture forth on her own.

So along with some very odd people we ventured to a new land. This land was odd and full of strange people and strange ways. My lady’s magic to keep us all clean did not work the way it was supposed to in this new land, and it was very difficult to keep her and myself clean enough for our needs. On this journey our companions came across a dwarf they seemed to have lost along the way, except she did not seem to be the person they remembered. This dwarf would eventually be the end of myself and my lady Summer both.

In the deserts of this strange land I was killed off by a giant creature and I fear that my lady Sunmmer did as well.

We should never have left the Temple…

Roderick Roberts

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