Original incarnation – Fighter/Cleric
Reprogrammed by Zik’Chil – Zik’Dra (only mammal to survive the process)
Now – Broken Fighter/Cleric

Saving throws:

  • Para-Poison: 9 Hit Points: 43/43 Level: 6/6
  • Rod-Staff-Wand: 14 Alignment: Lawful/Neutral Race: Dwarf
  • Petrify-Poly: 13 Deity: Clangeddin Silverbeard Sex: Female
  • Breath Weapon: 16 Origin: Desert Age: 151
  • Magic Spells: 15 Title: Myrmidon/Canon Class: Fighter/Cleric

Str 16 +1 to hit +1 Damage W.A. 70 M.P.195 O.D. 9 B.B 10%
Int 14 +4 Lang Spell Level: 7 Know Spell: 60% Max Spells/level: 9
Dex 17 +2 Reaction Adj +2 Missile Adj -3 Defensive Adj
Wis 16 +2 M.D. Adjustment Bonus Spell: 2 Spell Failure: 0%
Con 15 +1 H.P. 90% System Shock 94% Resurrection Survival
Cha 14 6 Max Henchmen +1 Loyalty Base +2 Reaction Adjustment
Com 13

THACO: 15 A.C. Base: 8 Modified A.C.: 3

Armor and /or Magical AC Adjustment Items:

  1. Dwarven Chain Normal Adj: -5 Magical Adj: Speed Penalty:

Weapons -2 Non-Proficiency Penalty New Weapon Prof. every 3 Levels
Weapon in Hand: Adjusted Speed Factor:

Melee Weapons

  1. 2-Handed Battle Axe 1D10 – 2D8
  2. 3-Section Staff 1D6 – 1D4
  3. Butcher Knife 1D4 – 1D4
  4. Flind Bar 1D4

Turning Undead Tables:
Skeletons (1HD): D Zombies: T Ghoul (2HD): T Shadow(3-4 HD): 4
Wight (5HD): 7 Ghast: 10 Wraith (6HD): 13 Mummy (7HD): 16
Spectre (8HD): 19 Vampire (9HD): 20 Ghost (10HD): - Lich (11+HD): -


Desert Mountain Dwarf. Lucky/Unlucky (all in how you look at it) to be a female Dwarf with a beard. Currently has a blondish red Mohawk and beard. Well, used to have a beard and full head of hair….thanks Krystianna Aramis

Started out on this adventuring business to find a mushroom that would change my hair color to rainbow colors. I mean, come on, if you were a female born with a beard, wouldn’t you want to change the color, too? Managed to get said mushroom in a liquified form (and a nice mind-game test to accomplish). Later on, bored with the rainbow (and being told I couldn’t have a rainbow colored horse, also) ended up with camouflage colored hair. G

Then, I ran into a little problem. I died. Thank you, Bexler! But apparently, I didn’t “die.” I was brought back to some semblance of life…with nothing remembered of my former life. I was programmed with a new set of directives (not really any memories). Was told who the members of the party were, so I would at least be able to attempt to interact with them, to accomplish my goals. Oh, and I had a violent reaction to axes.

Of course, the problem of programming has been solved. Thanks again to You Know Who…Bexler. asshole The only way to break the programming was to get my god-given Battle Axe back into my hands, or at least into contact with me. He managed to knock my ass out..(but at least didn’t kill me, kill me). I don’t know if I should be thankful or not…I have yet to make up my mind…

Supposedly, had Bexler not returned me to my former self, I would have continued down a very dark and not so pleasant path. One thing that had been programmed into me, a taste for brains (preferably Elven brains). Had the programming not been broken, I was told that I would have eventually turned into a full zombie, and become something called an NPC. I have no clue what that is. I’m still not sure how much of this I believe, as I know for a fact that Bexler and Father Serpent both were in the same lab as I was. I’ve also been told that Father Serpent is the man I need to see if I want to return some of the programmed knowledge that was lost, without the danger of the programming. I don’t know…

So, there’s my fluff for the moment. May be updated as things progress and we see where the character is headed. Enjoy!

Enemy #1 – Conrad Bexler.
- Killed me
- Saved me
- Almost killed me a second time (with my own axe)
- All around asshat


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