Lexi (Alexis) Athos

Daddy's Girl

Fighter w/Thief Skills
STR 18 (90) Hit +2 Wt Allow 185 Open Doors 14 (d20)
Damage +4 Max Press 330 Bend Bars 30%
DEX 17 Surprise +2 Missile Adj +2 Defensive Adj -3
CON 15 HP Adj +2 Sys Shock 95% Poison Save +0
Res Survival 96% Regeneration none
INT 15 Add Profs 4 slots Learn Spell 65% Spell Immunity
Max Spell Lvl 7th Max Spells 11/lvl none
WIS 15 Mag Def Adj +0 Bonus Prayers Spell Immunity
Spell Failure 0% 1-0-0-0-0-0-0 none
CHA 15 Henchmen 7 max Loyalty Base +3 Reaction Adj +3
COM 14 Reaction Adj +0
AC 5 Hit Points Experience
Armor Chain Mail Max 69 Needed 80000/150000/280000/580000
Shield none Current 69 Current 42385/100/100/100
Other none Wounds none Level 6/6
Saving Throws Base Modifiers
Par/Poi/Death 11 none
Rod/Staff/Wand 13 none
Petr/Poly 12 none
Breath Weapon 13 none
Spell 14 none
Magic Resistance 0% no comments
Combat THAC0 = 18
Melee Weapons #AT Size Type Speed MT Hit/Dam Adj Damage SM/L Comments
Adamantian Sword 2 M S 5 17 1/1 1d8/1d8 none
Ranged Weapons RoF Size Speed Range Comments
Ammunition Qty Type MT Hit/Dam Adj Damage SM/L Comments
Proficiency Slots Attribute Modifier Proficiency Slots Attribute Modifier
Brewing 1 INT 0
Reading Lips
2 INT -2
Possessions and Encumbrance
Equipment Item Weight Equipment Item Weight Equipment Item Weight
Currency Gems Objects of Art Other Magic Items Description
Base Movement Total Wt Adjustments Current Movement
15 none 17
Thieving Base Skill Race Dex Armor Other Net
Pick Pockets 55 +5% -30% 60/30
Open Locks 47 +10% -10% 57/47
Find Traps 45 -10% 45/35
Move Silently 47 +5% -20% 52/32
Hide in Shadows 37 +5% -20% 42/22
Detect Noise 20 -10% 20/10
Climb Walls 92 -30% 92/62
Read Languages 30 30/
Backstab Multipllier = x2
Magic Max Magic Points = 2 Bonus Points = 2 Current Points = 2 Max Spell Lvl = 1
Spell Pages Level Components Qty Spell Pages Level Components Qty

If you’re interested in what I look like..I’m 5’8. I have dark, strawberry/blonde hair. My eyes are blue (usually, but they change depending on my mood). I’m roughly 180 lbs, very well muscled. You can definitely tell that I’ve been trained as a fighter (with a few extra abilities). And yes, you can also tell that I’m a girl around all that muscle, just don’t mistake me for being soft. I’ve been told that for the most part, I look like my mother, but there have been a few times that someone said I look like my father. I don’t know…

I’m a Daddy’s girl…

I’ve been searching for Conrad Bexler, the man reported to be my Father. Finally found him, and he damn near killed me the first time out. Of course, I’ve been told I’m just like him, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I also heard that I had a half-sister (a half-elf named Summer), but I have no idea what’s happened to her. She’d been at some kind of a temple.

Anyways, I’m not entirely sure what Daddy is up to at the moment. At first, he claimed that there was no way that I could be his daughter, then the next time we meet up, he’s all lovey dovey. What’s up with that? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been wanting to meet him, and get to know him, and even possibly follow in his footsteps. I was raised by the Zhentarim…but he’s got some ideas that I’m not so sure about…rumor has it, he’s a traitor. Going to have to bide my time and see.

Lexi (Alexis) Athos

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