Krystianna Aramis

Krystianna Aramis is a Fighter and ex-Preistess of Ao


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Waist length, black silk like hair falls down her back. It is usually held back by some kind of clip or tie, sometimes styled back to flow out of the custom slots in her helmet as to stay out of her way when fighting. When in town or out having a drink with her friends she may on occasion leave it free to fall down her body like a second cloak. Her eyes glow an emerald green, in most light they seem to be a regular shade of green. But when she is angry or the lust of a fight is upon her…her eyes become golden-lightening kissed fiery green orbs. In the heat of other lustful things her emerald green eyes darken and swirl with a haunting power, proof of her time in the temples of Ao. She is tall and curvy, but also well toned and very muscled. She is stronger than she appears in more ways than one.

When fighting she favors a twin set of scimitars that she dual wields like a hurricane of blood and pain. If the slashing swing of her favorite blades can not satisfy her need for violence she is always happy to pick up a couple of morning stars and bash things into a bloody non existence. She is also very proficient with her daggers, which uses both for throwing and close in wet work.

Krystianna was a High Priestess of Ao, but became disenchanted with the priesthood and began training as a fighter within the Zentarim camps. While learning to fight she became good friends with Lexi (Alexis) Athos a bastard daughter of one of the Zentarim Officers. They were joined by a young man for a short period of time, but he ended up being infected with lycanthropy and was lost to the wilds.

Krystianna has a very arrogant and self assured attitude and tends to take her need for violence and gore out on any willing enemy, be it town guard or the latest nasty she and her party are facing. She does not play well with others so to speak, and can get herself into a bit of trouble now and then.

Busty, curvy, long haired, and fairly attractive she also has a habit of getting in with the wrong kind of guy. Many of her lovers have a habit of disappearing shorty after Krystianna leaves a town for a good while. To this day no none has had any reason to question this fact.

She has a penchant for blades and is rarely found without at least a dozen or so weapons on her person. She prefers custom designed weapons and well fit custom design gear as well. Even in towns she walks fully armed and armored, a heavy black cloak covering her from neck to ground. She can dress as a lady when the need arises, but the occasion is rare indeed and even then she does not go unarmed.

She has a passionate desire to avoid all religion and religious fanatics. Preferring to live by the blade as it were.

She has a very strict code of conduct and great loyalty to her closest friends. When it comes down to the line she will stand by her friends no matter the cost. It is simply who and what she is. Pity the fool that hurts someone Krystianna feels a kinship too.


She is now in a party with her closest friend Lexi, another good friend Morgana, a half-elf female that she is wary of, an Elf that seems to have an affinity to chopping off heads and taking the skulls of his enemies, and now what she might believe to be a gnome male.

Krystianna Aramis

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