Conrad Bexler

Former General of the Zhentarim, now founder and leader of the Tea Party


Conrad Bexler is simultaneously one of the most loved — and one of the most hated — characters in this campaign. The grandson of Vern and Adele Bexler, he hails from humble origins in the agricultural community of Longsaddle. At an early age he showed superior aptitude in everything he did, and longed to get the hell out of that one-horse town.

His chance finally arrived when he stumbled upon a group of Zhentarim operatives in town, and was able to convince them to let him join them. He them proceeded to impress their superiors, and their superiors even further up the ladder, eventually earning the rank of General.

When the party first met him, he was the commander of a Zhentarim base in Anauroch which was also used as a waystation along the Black Road, and later encountered him in Eveningstar (where he first captured Cascaro, who later got away), and then in Waterdeep (where he killed Morgana the Dwarf). While transporting Morgana’s body and the unconscious for of her friend back to their garrison as part of a trap for the rest of the party, Bexler and his men were waylaid by a group of strong, superintelligent Thri-Kreen under the command of ex-paladin Bakuvade Feodricock.

After being waylaid, Bexler awoke to find himself transported to a world called Athas, where he was held captive in a lab along with Morgana; in fact he had no choice but to watch the occupants of the laboratory bring Morgana back to life and reprogram her body and mind by way of their advanced science. He was rescued from the lab by a Thor-Kreen named Dra-Chak, and smuggled to live with the Kazin’tek until a way back to Toril could be found.

Back on Toril, he has recently undergone a massive personal transformation, abandoning his commission within the Zhentarim, accepting Lexi as his daughter, and forming a new group of fighing men called the Tea Party, who fight for freedom and independence of the oppressed throughout northern Faerun. He also saw and took the opportunity to rescue Morgana from the programming she underwent on Athas, by bringing her to near-death with the axe she received upon her ordination to the priesthood of Clangeddin. Whether this will lead to amity or enmity between himself and the party, no one really knows for sure.

Conrad Bexler

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