Buttercup Summerhaven (Summer)



I was raised at Temple. I had no contact with the outside world. Then one day, I was told that my protector ( Roderick Roberts)and I were going to be leaving on a special mission to help find some kind of medallion.

I have a problem with the outside world, it’s dirty. I don’t like to get dirty…nor do I like being around people who are dirty. Thankfully, I am able to help with the other party members and keeping things clean. The only colors I prefer to wear are white for myself and black for my wonderful protector, Roderick. Talk about a chore keeping the clothes spotless.

We ended up meeting up with a group of people, also looking for the medallion. Our search took us to a different realm (and magic didn’t work the same way, dammit). I never came home from that adventure. I was killed by a dwarf that apparently was part of the original party. They thought she’d been killed off. Guess they were wrong. sigh

Buttercup Summerhaven (Summer)

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