Imagine, if you will, stepping into a time machine and going back into the late 70’s. Starbuck was male, Darth Vader wasn’t yet anybody’s father, the Atari was a new entry on the market, Bill Gates was most likely eating ramen, and Advanced Dungeons and Dragons reigned supreme amongst nerds everywhere.

If you’re looking for that kind of a place, then look no further . . . TheCBT is your new home!…

Who are we? The answer is simple: we’re a First Edition (1E) AD&D group based in Columbus, OH.

We play in a wonky alternate-universe version of the Forgotten Realms, not exactly “by the book,” and bring a liberal sprinkling of comedy and sci-fi into our fantasy universe.

So grab your dice bag, dust off your Player’s Handbook, and step into a vibrant world of awesome action and adventure!

The Conrad Bexler Tabernacle

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